StorEn Technology’s Vanadium Flow Battery Prototype Outpacing Expectations

Date: Mar 26, 2018

by Carlo Brovero

StorEn* is reporting favorable initial validation results of its vanadium flow battery (VFB) prototype during testing at Environment Park, a leading cleantech scientific and technology accelerator in Turin, Italy.

The testing has been focused on innovative, patent-pending solutions from StorEn Technologies that build on vanadium battery durability and sturdiness by enhancing the electrical efficiency of the stack, the energy density of the electrolyte, and the module.

StorEn Technology's Vanadium Flow Battery Prototype Outpacing Expectations

Why StorEn’s Vanadium Flow Battery is an Effective Energy Storage Solution

StorEn’s design delivers a better flow of electrolyte through the stack compared to other VFBs by employing its MULTIGRIDS™ fluid dynamic and RESAFE™ electrolyte control system.

The benefits of StorEn’s vanadium flow battery design include the following:

  • Increased power density of the stack — that is, the amount of power the stack will deliver in relation to its size.
  • Ability to reduce the size of the stack, since the power density is increased.
  • And with smaller plates able to have performance parity with larger sizes, fewer materials such as membranes are required, lowering materials’ cost by as much as 50%.

Importantly, a better fluid dynamic allows the battery to operate effectively at lower pressure, increasing round-trip efficiency.

The RESAFE™ system eliminates leaks to deliver a virtually maintenance-free battery, and removes the time and cost associated with on-site inspections and scheduled maintenance.

StorEn Technology's Vanadium Flow Battery Prototype Outpacing Expectations

Positive Prototype Performance During Validation

Initial test results show increased power density, with the StorEn team confident the design will soon reach targeted levels. Angelo D’Anzi, StorEn’s CTO, had this response to the first round of third-party testing of the company’s vanadium flow battery prototype:

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