Stina Resources Ltd.: Metalurgical Testing Shows Vanadium Extraction Levels Exceeding 90%

Date: Dec 14, 2017
Stina Resources Ltd. (CSE: SQA) (OTCQB: STNUF) (FSE: 01X) (“Stina” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce results from the first phase of testing of samples from the Company’s Bisoni McKay vanadium project located in Nevada, USA. Test results indicate vanadium extraction levels exceeding 90%.

In June 2017, the Company retained Hazen Research Inc. of Golden Colorado to conduct testing of carbonaceous shale drill cuttings, taken from the Company’s Bisoni McKay mineral deposit, to determine the best method of recovery of vanadium from the primary material.

Testing involved roasting-leaching and pressure oxidation processes. Preliminary mineralogical testing also showed low levels of carbonate minerals, viewed as a positive as these are notorious acid-consuming minerals. Both methods were successful in destruction of the organic matter to liberate the vanadium for subsequent leaching.

The roast-leaching experiments resulted in vanadium extraction in the range of 60%. More work needs to be done to determine the vanadium compounds present to better formulate the leaching reagents.

The pressure oxidation experiments produced the best results with extraction levels exceeding 90%. The carbon content in the feed for the autoclave experiments was 6% and the pyrite 0.6%. These levels are considered advantageous in self-combustion in the autoclave process. Further experiments involving lower temperatures and coarser grind may show processes that could lead to lower operating and capital costs.

“These preliminary results are very encouraging and show that we are on-track in our goal to develop our Bisoni McKay and Bisoni Rio mineral properties in Nevada,” says Stina President, Brian Stecyk.

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