Stable Domestic Vanadium Price In This Week This week, the overall performance of domestic vanadium market is relatively stable. Steel bidding has determined the price of vanadium alloy. Large vanadium plants do not adjust their prices to support the raw material market. The upstream and downstream support the stable operation of vanadium market. At present, the price of large vanadium plants remains unchanged at 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance, the price of V2O5 flake in bulk market is around 92500-93000 yuan / ton, the price of ferrovanadium remains at 96000-98000 yuan / ton by cash, and vanadium nitrogen alloy market mainstream bidding price is at 142000 yuan / ton by acceptance.

Although the market is stable, the downstream alloy mental price is relatively low, and the raw material based on the current price is generally in the state of no profit or even cost loss. At present, the future market is still full of uncertainty factors. How long does the quotation of large vanadium plants keep? How does the inventory consumption rate of VN alloy and the increase of production of VN alloy plants balance the market? According to the statement of the large factory, the price of V2O5 flake will maintain 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance this month, and the number of VN alloy manufacturers in production reduction is increasing.

If the vanadium of large-scale plants remains unchanged this month, it will be difficult for vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers to accept orders. However, at present, the downstream vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers offer at 140000-141000 yuan / ton, with a large inventory , and the strength of raw materials can barely support the downstream alloy price, and it is still difficult to rebound to the V2O5 flake price to adjust the large factories this month.