Shuozhou Government Accelerated The Construction Of Vanadium Liquid Flow Energy Storage And Other Energy Internet

Tianshuo New Energy’s 1,000 MWh lithium battery and Shanxi Guorun all-vanadium redox flow energy storage battery projects have been put into production; Goldwind Technology’s 1.5 million kilowatts of wind power and 300 MWh energy storage power stations, Huashuo New Energy 400 MW/800 MW Watt-hour energy storage facilities and heavy-duty truck swap stations, 1000 MW high-efficiency photovoltaic modules of Haitai Xinneng Shuozhou Company, and a 5000 MW high-efficiency photovoltaic module project in Pingshuo have started construction
This is a series of achievements that Shuozhou City has achieved in comprehensively promoting the construction of the Energy Internet. As a coal power city, in recent years, in order to solve structural and institutional contradictions, Shuozhou City government has fully implemented the new development concept, seized the opportunity to build a new development pattern, promoted the transformation work, promote the transformation work, and put the promotion of the energy Internet construction as the top priority of the transformation and development.
In the work, Shuozhou city set up a leading group with the secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and the mayor as the double leaders and five special working groups, and issued the Working Rules of The Leading Group of Energy Internet Construction in Shuozhou City and the Office Work Rules, forming a leadership system of both the Party and the government.  Shuozhou has also established a special conference system for energy Internet, inviting experts from Tsinghua University to participate in the meeting, and has held three special conferences on energy Internet construction. On May 26 this year, Shuozhou City officially issued the “Shuozhou Energy Internet Pilot Construction Plan”, proposing to build a data platform, form a set of evaluation systems, cultivate an emerging business, promote an industrial alliance, and incubate a group of Technological achievements, creating a number of key demonstration construction tasks, and clarifying the development goals from 2021 to 2025. It also proposes to lead development with planning, build a technology platform first, actively introduce large enterprises, large institutes, and large projects, integrate funds from multiple sources, integrate multiple energy sources, and build a vision of an energy Internet that interacts with supply and demand.
The Energy Internet Center is related to the long-term development and construction of the city’s energy, and Shuozhou actively promotes the construction of a city-level energy Internet center. therefore, Shuozhou actively introduces multiple entities to participate in investment, and is responsible for the relevant work of the city-level energy Internet center platform, including unified services, fund raising, platform construction, operation management, resource integration, etc. Shuozhou City also organizes relevant technical personnel to discuss data interface solutions, and promote the establishment of a communication and linkage mechanism for data platform subjects such as gas, heat, transportation, urban management, and energy consumption monitoring, laying the foundation for the next step of data access. At present, Shuozhou City has completed the site selection of the municipal energy Internet center. Among them, the city-level energy Internet center platform and non-electric data construction site of Shuozhou City is located at the enterprise headquarters base in Shuocheng District, Shuozhou City, and the power data center is located at State Grid Shuozhou Power Supply Company, and it is expected to be put into use before the end of the year.
Shuozhou is also actively constructing energy Internet demonstration parks, distributed energy stations, energy storage stations, thermal storage stations, etc., so that multiple energy sources such as electricity, gas, and heat can be converted in real time, and multi-energy complementary demonstration applications are carried out. At present, the Shuozhou Energy Internet pilot project has been officially launched. The shared storage energy end integrated energy Internet construction project in Pinglu District has obtained the project record certificate on April 14 this year, and the project commencement ceremony was held on June 29 , is going through the grid connection procedures simultaneously, and is expected to complete the construction of a shared energy storage smart energy management system before the end of this year.
The energy storage industry is an important part of the construction of the energy Internet, and Shuozhou is actively developing the energy storage industry. In accordance with the development plan, the city established the Energy Storage Technology Academic Committee, with Academician Cheng Shijie as the director of the academic committee, Li Jianlin, Guo Shaohua, Meng Qing, and Xue Yu as the deputy directors of the academic committee, and Gong Bing, Wang Lingmei, totaled 24 experts served as members of the Academic Committee. Shuozhou also relies on the Shuozhou Key Laboratory of Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Engineering, and cooperates with Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology and Xi’an University to apply for the provincial key laboratory of energy storage technology and equipment engineering.
Shanxi Energy Internet Research Institute is a new R&D institution serving the construction of energy Internet at the provincial and pilot cities. Shuozhou fully supports the establishment of the Shuozhou Branch of Shanxi Energy Internet Research Institute. Shuozhou has also established a high-level talent team by introducing experts and scholars in the field of energy storage from universities and research institutions at home and abroad to further promote the coordinated development of energy Internet and energy storage technology.
At the same time, Shuozhou accelerated the implementation of energy storage technology research projects. The city actively strives for the settlement of electric energy storage technology and commercial demonstration projects in the local area, promotes the compressed air energy storage commercial demonstration project of waste coal mine roadways in cooperation with the Institute of Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the State Key Laboratory of “New Energy Power System” of North China Electric Power University, the new energy power generation flywheel frequency modulation energy storage technology demonstration project and other projects jointly cooperated by the team of Academician Liu Jizhen and the magnetic levitation flywheel team of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics will be implemented as soon as possible.
Looking forward to the future, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Shuozhou City will place innovation drive at the core of the overall transformation and development, unswervingly implement the “123321” work idea, and use the energy Internet as the traction, and strive to achieve high-quality and high-speed development , and strive to build a modern energy green city.