Several Key Vanadium And Titanium Development Industrial Projects In Panzhihua Were Completed In The Third Quarter

On September 26, the Panzhihua on-site promotion activities for major projects in the third quarter of 2022 in Sichuan Province were held at the construction site of the Longbai Industrial Park project. At the event, 15 key industrial projects in Panzhihua started with a total investment of 33.712 billion yuan. “Today’s event will focus on demonstrating the progress of a number of projects that have started and completed, looking at changes, comparing energy, improving spirit, and boosting morale.” said the relevant person in charge of the Panzhihua Municipal Government.
Through sorting out, it is found that the 15 key industrial projects started this time mainly show the three characteristics of investment scale upgrade, industry traction role more distinct, and the overall balance of project regional distribution.
It is understood that all the 15 projects have invested more than 100 million yuan, of which 9 are projects of more than 1 billion yuan. The planned investment in the fourth quarter is 1.45 billion yuan. The number of projects and investment quota have increased by 150% and 220% respectively year-on-year.
Among the 15 start-up projects, the advanced vanadium-titanium steel material industry represented by Panzhihua Iron and Steel’s 60,000-ton/year molten salt chloride titanium dioxide, Longbai Group’s 200,000-ton/year titanium chloride dioxide and rotor-grade sponge titanium projects 8 projects, 2 clean energy industry projects represented by Chuanfa Lomon 200,000 tons/year new materials, Anning iron-titanium 200,000 tons battery-grade iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate production projects, there are 2 electronic information industry projects represented by the photoelectric industrial park and PCB industry cluster project in Renhe District, and 3 other projects represented by the Hantong Coking 1 million tons/year coking and chemical technology transformation project. The project provides kinetic energy for the extension, complement and strengthening of the industrial chain.
The Longbai Industrial Park, which officially broke ground on the day of the event, includes two chemical projects of 200,000 tons of titanium chloride and 60,000 tons of titanium sponge, with an investment of 7.8 billion yuan. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in December 2024, the annual sales income will be 7.5 billion yuan, and more than 1,200 new jobs will be created. “After the implementation of the project, a complete titanium industry system will be formed in Panzhihua and integrated into the high-end manufacturing supply chain, which is of great significance for promoting the optimization and upgrading of China’s titanium industry structure and promoting the development of the Panxi National Strategic Resources Innovation and Development Pilot Zone.” Long Bai Group Co., Ltd. President He Benliu said.
This year, Panzhihua has promoted a total of 88 key industrial projects with a total investment of 98.7 billion yuan, including 10 key projects of the provincial government with a total investment of 15.43 billion yuan; 15 key projects of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, with a total investment of 22.96 billion yuan; There are 28 key industrial projects in the year, with a total investment of 62.14 billion yuan. In the second half of the year, 14 key industrial projects are planned to be completed, with a total investment of 3.012 billion yuan. In the third quarter, 8 key industrial projects such as Vanadium Pentoxide in Panzhihua Vanadium Plant, Jiaer Technology Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tube have been completed; 30 new key industrial projects are planned to be started, with a total investment of 40.874 billion yuan, and 8 projects have been started in the third quarter.