Retail V2O5 Flake Market Is In A State Of Stalemate Today, retail V2O5 flake quotations are 121,000-122,000 CNY/Ton in cash including taxes, and the actual transaction price is 119,000-120,000 CNY/Ton. The cash price of 119,000 CNY/Ton is mainly for the maintenance of old customers by small V2O5 flake factories. Other scattered transactions are around 120,000 CNY/Ton in cash. The holders see a slight increase in market inquiries, and they give firm offer prices, and their shipments intention at the cash price of 120,000 CNY/Ton decreased. The downstream inquiries are dominated by ferrovanadium manufacturers, the current transaction price of ferrovanadium is 133,000-135,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance with tax). If the purchase price of V2O5 flake is around 120,000 CNY/Ton in cash, the manufacturers are profitable and can produce. However, vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers mostly wait and see, and the bidding price of steel mills is barely stable, there are no obvious signs of improvement for the time being. Whether it is large-scale V2O5 flake or retail manufacturers, they faced with huge production pressure, and make purchase cautiously .