R & D: Aerospace-grade Alv Alloy Of HBIS Have Been Successfully Launched

www.ferroalloynet.com: Recently, a batch of aerospace-grade high-purity vanadium products produced by HBIS Group were officially launched. As the only enterprise in China that can produce such products, after strict inspection, the product quality and various indicators meet the needs of customers, and will be used to manufacture the core components of space vehicles.

Vanadium-aluminum alloy will be added to the materials when manufacturing aviation parts such as jet engine, high-speed aircraft frame, rocket engine shell, etc. At present, the vanadium aluminum alloy produced by the widely used production process in China has two disadvantages: high impurity content and poor composition uniformity, and the chemical composition of each part of the alloy ingot is uneven, which is difficult to meet the production requirements of aviation-grade titanium alloy.

In view of these problems, HBIS has developed a production process of aerospace-grade vanadium-aluminum alloy with low impurity and uniform composition. The vanadium-aluminum alloy produced by HBIS Group is not only low impurity, high purity, homogeneous and dense in composition, but also guaranteed in uniformity. Compared with the prior technology, the recovery rate of vanadium is significantly improved, the impurity content is greatly reduced, and the whole production process realizes medium circulation without solid waste discharge. Through continuous optimization of the process and precise control of the process, the quantity and quality of the aviation vanadium flake products of HBIS are improved. In the first 10 months of this year, the production and sales volume have quadrupled year on year, and customized high-purity vanadium products are favored by customers at home and abroad.