Quotation Situation Of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy By Regions

www.ferroalloynet.com: In the middle of the week, vanadium prices stopped falling and stabilized, the upstream and downstream are generally in a stalemate. Today, the quotations of some vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers have increased by 2000-3000 CNY/Ton from yesterday. This site probably counts the quotations of manufacturers in various regions, as shown in the table below, about 70% of the manufacturers said that they will not offer quotations for the time being, some manufacturers give offers at 175,000-185,000 CNY/Ton in cash, and the transaction remains to be seen.

Region Offer prices (by cash, CNY/Ton)
Hubei 175,000-178,000
Hunan No price
Hebei No price
Henan 185,000
Shaanxi No price
Jiangxi No price
Jiangsu 175,000-180,000
Fujian No price
Ningxia 182,000
Xinjiang No price