Patent Coverage for TNG’s Proprietary Process for Extraction of Vanadium Extended to Vietnam

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 9 May 19 – On May 8, Australian-based TNG Limited advised that patents for its proprietary TIVAN hydrometallurgical process for the extraction and recovery of high-purity vanadium have now been extended with approval received from Vietnam.

The award of the patents, which reflects the robustness of its process, provides a level of protection and security for the Company for one of its core pieces of Intellectual Property as it reaches the final stages of pre-development for its flagship Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron Project in the Northern Territory.

The TIVAN Process patent is based on the extraction and recovery of vanadium and was developed by TNG and its metallurgical consultants, Perth-based METS Pty Ltd. The process is the backbone of the project which allows the Company to extract vanadium, titanium and iron in commercial grades and quantities from its resource.

Approvals for China, South Africa and the European Union are also currently in process.