October V2O5 flake operating rate and output analysis

Date: Oct 31, 2017

www.ferroalloynet.com: October vanadium pentoxide flake output rises as Panzhihua-based factories have resumed production. Most of materials produced in Panzhihua have been purcahesed by Pangang Group, some manufacturers extracting vanadium from coal are seen the increase in production, and the vanadium oxide production of Pangang Group also increases. The whole V205 flake operating rate and the output go up. There are a number of spot stocks of vanadium pentoxide flake in the market.

According to incomplete statistics for 34 V2O5 flake manufacturers, there are about 16 factories in production with the operating rate of 47%, up 12% from September. And the output is anticipated to be 6980 tons in October, up around 965 tons from last month.

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