Largo Resources increases Maracas Menchen vanadium production to 1,000 tonnes

Date:Apr 24, 2018

A strategic mineral company, focused on the production of vanadium flake, high purity vanadium and high purity vanadium, has announced its intention to expand its flagship mine and increase production levels.

Largo Resources announced this week that it will expand its flagship Maracas Menchen Mine in Brazil to 1,000 tpm, representing a 25% increase from nameplate capacity.

Nameplate capacity had been earmarked at a rate of around 800 tonnes per month of vanadium pentoxide, but the increase will result in an additional 200 tonnes being produced per month.

Construction is expected to begin at the site at the beginning of June 2018, with a June 2019 completion date set.

The expansion plan focuses on increasing the production capacity of the milling, fusion (deammoniator, furnace and flaking wheel), leaching and filtering areas. Management believes that total production capacity could be further increased by an additional 100 tonnes per month to an aggregate total of 1,100 tonnes of V2O5 per month if certain other upgrades and improvements are made to the kiln refractory.

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