Is Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc. (TSXV:VRB)’s Price To Book Of 6.004852 Worth A Second Look

Date: Apr 01, 2019

In trying to calculate the current valuation of Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc. (TSXV:VRB) shares, we note that the Book to Market ratio of the stock stands at 0.166532. It’s commonly accepted that a Book to Market ratio greater than one indicates that the shares might be undervalued.  The book to market ratio has some limitations in certain industries however where intangible assets (such as knowledge) often are not represented on a balance sheet. The ratio is calculated by dividing the market price per share by book value per share.  

We can also take a look at some stock volatility data on shares of Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc. (TSXV:VRB). The 12 month volatility is currently 63.309200. The 6 month volatility is noted at 131.059000, and the 3 month is recorded at 111.805500. When following the volatility of a stock, investors may be challenged with trying to decipher the correct combination of risk-reward to help maximize returns. As with any strategy, it is important to carefully consider risk and other market factors that might be in play when examining stock volatility levels.

Investors may be looking at the Piotroski F-Score when doing value analysis. The F-Score was developed to help find company stocks that have solid fundamentals, and to separate out weaker companies. Piotroski’s F-Score uses nine tests based on company financial statements. Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc. (TSXV:VRB) currently has a Piotroski F-Score of 2. One point is given for piece of criteria that is met. Typically, a stock with a high score of 8 or 9 would be seen as strong, and a stock scoring on the lower end between 0 and 2 would be viewed as weaker.

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