How do old batteries affect sale value of second-hand EVs?

Date: Mar 14, 2019

A couple of recent reader’s queries has sparked the question as to whether electric vehicles will have the economic lifespan that internal combustion engine (ICE) cars have had in the past

The average age of the Australian car fleet is 10.1 years (current Australian Bureau of Statistics data) – but we all know of cars that are well over that age still going strong as ‘daily drivers’.

For instance, in my preparation for buying a long-range EV soon: I am about to hand-over my 24 year old ICE Renault to a new owner who is going to do it up and put it on ‘Historic’ registration in 12 months time.

It is, however, still going extraordinarily well. (And reliably so with my doing a Melbourne/Brisbane return trip to the … ahem … EV Expo & Conference in it only a few months ago).

The mechanicals of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) are certainly capable of that sort of life – and well beyond given BEVs have a much reduced number of moving parts and items needing regular oil or component changes as compared to ICE vehicles.

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