Guizhou Juneng Century Won A 70 Million Yuan Order For All-Vanadium Liquid Flow Battery Stack

On October 12, Guizhou Juneng Century Technology Co., LTD., which is located in the Industry Demonstration zone of Dong Township, Guizhou, signed the first largest order with Singaporean customers. The order products are 2000 sets of vanadium battery reactors with a specification of 5KW, each set is 35,000 yuan, with a total value of 70 million yuan, at the same time, also signed for the project cooperation agreement. The signing of this order and cooperation for the development of the company made a breakthrough at the same time, but also for the economic construction of Congjiang County.
It is reported that construction of new energy storage is the needs of the country’s future development strategy, it is also an important means to realize “double carbon” standard. Guizhou Juneng Century Technology Co., LTD take this opportunity to develop a new energy flow energy storage vanadium battery pile and core components, ionic membrane, electrolyte, won 15 patents, the construction of the first electric pile of fully automated production line.
Then, both parties will develop more advanced vanadium battery technology on their own advantages and conduct in-depth cooperation. Through this cooperation, new products will have more advantages in the market.