GLOBAL VANADIUM WRAP: FeV, V2O5 prices under pressure on Chinese production recovery

Date: Oct 23, 2017

Ferro-vanadium and vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) prices declined across global locations last week, as recovered production in China and profit-taking elsewhere continued to dictate the direction of the global market.

Ferro-vanadium demand sees revival in Europe and China, moderating price falls  Buyers’ market develops for V2O5 and prices struggle as demand fails to recover  US ferro-vanadium market under pressure amid limited spot transactions In Europe, the spot market was more active last week, but a midweek tender provided clarity on just how cheaply sellers would offer in order to secure truckload inquiries, which have been few and far between in recent weeks.  Metal Bulletin’s ferro-vanadium price assessment fell to $34-34.75 per kg, delivered duty-paid in Europe, on Friday October 20, compared with $36-37 per kg seven days earlier. “It’s going down like a stone; vanadium had a very good summer run, and now the market’s like a lame duck,” a trader source told Metal Bulletin. Market participants reported an increase in spot demand week on week, but noted that the market was still vulnerable to profit-taking, and under pressure from…


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