First Application Of HBIS Chengsteel’s High Purity Vanadium Oxide 99.9% In The Manufacture Of Metallic Paint At the beginning of May, Hegang Chenggang produced 99.9 High purity vanadium oxide is directly supplied to well-known inorganic pigment manufacturers and is first used in high-end metal car paint manufacturing. This direct supply has further expanded the application field of high-purity vanadium oxide in Chengde Steel of Hegang, with an efficiency increase of more than 20000 yuan per ton of vanadium.

Based on the unique advantages of vanadium and titanium, Chenggang group has built a brand of new vanadium and titanium materials, comprehensively investigated the application fields of high-end vanadium materials, deeply connected with high-end customers, deeply understood customer needs, and directed research and development of high-end vanadium and titanium new materials.

In March, the marketing personnel of Chenggang increased the promotion of high-purity vanadium oxide products with original technology while targeting customers.

They connect with customers’ terminal needs remotely and customize production ninety-nine point nine The high-purity vanadium oxide products can overcome the transportation difficulties during the epidemic, and the samples are directly supplied to the terminal. After preliminary trial, the physical and chemical indexes of the product are stable and fully meet the manufacturing requirements of customers.

Hegang Chenggang adheres to the responsibility system of key account manager, strengthens communication and exchange with customers, fully understands the special requirements of customers in transportation and packaging, actively arranges the production line to take specific packaging methods to organize shipment, and actively establishes long-term strategic cooperation relationship.

It is understood that the application of high-purity vanadium oxide in the manufacturing of high-end metal car paint can effectively improve the tenacity, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance of the paint film, and comprehensively improve the service life and self-cleaning degree of the coating.