FerroAlloyNet 7th International Titanium & zircon Product Summit –Welcome Banquet

Date: Oct 26, 2018

www.ferroalloynet.com: On the evening of October 25, FerroAlloyNet 7th International Titanium & zircon Product Summit is held successfully at Sheraton Zhanjiang Minda Hotel. More than 100 industry elites from home and abroad gathered together and shared a feast.

Thanks for the conference Diamond Sponsor: Guangdong Hongpeng New Material Resources Co., Ltd., it is specialized in zirconium titanium beach placer mineral processing and rare earth processing production. Subsidiaries include ZHANJIANG CITY HONGRI RARE EARTH CO., LTD. and ZHANJIANG CITY DA CHANGDI MINING CO., LTD. Production capacity: the annual treatment of 180,000 tons of coastal placer, of which, 100,000 tons of zirconium in the production line, produce 40,000 tons of high-quality zirconium sand (content 65% above), 9,000 tons of rutile (content 95% of TiO2), 6,000 tons of monazite, and 100,000 tons of various grade titanium concentrate.

The dinner was first delivered by Chen Xiaofeng, general manager of FerroAlloyNet and general manager of Guangdong Hongpeng New Material Resources Co., Ltd. they expressed sincere thanks to colleagues from all over the zirconium and titanium industry, and expected all the participating enterprises to make great achievements in this summit.

Drum is a traditional percussion instrument in China, let’s welcome Professional dancers brought a wonderful show.

China FerroAlloyNet specially invited professional singers to bring the guests the songs “friends” and “Working Hard Can Be Win” with emotion and strength.

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