FerroAlloyNet 16th International Chrome & Nickel Products Summit–Keynote Speech & Nickel Private Session

Date: Mar 11, 2019

www.ferroalloynet.com: Let’s welcome Mr. Arsalan Wasi, Deputy Manager from Pac ific Exim Pvt Ltd makes a speech– Pakistan Chrome Ore Market Outlook and Trade Opportunity with PaCIFic Exim

In 2018, domestic chrome ore people are struggling, and the spot price of chrome ore is generally in a downward trend. The domestic chrome ore stocks in the domestic port have been “more than 3 million tons” for the first time in the first half of the year. More and more large-scale factories have purchased mining independently, and the trading space of traders has been squeezed. The ferrochrome market has been in a weak consolidation. Although the volatility has narrowed, and the market is relatively stable, it still lacks many speculative opportunities for dealers. Can the price of chrome ore in 2019 increase through this situation? And what will be the ferrochrome market trend? Let’s welcome Mr. Hu Shengkun, Business Purchasing Manager from SHAGANG COMMERCE CO., LTD makes a speech– China Chrome Industry Chain Supply and Demand Situation and Development Change in New Era, and he makes analysis from the following aspects: 1. Industry Status and Market Characteristics in New Era, 2. Supply and Demand Situation Driven by Data, 3. Development direction of Ferrochrome and stainless steel, 4. Chrome market outlook

As we all know, high carbon ferrochrome is an important raw material in the stainless steel industry, throughout the development history of China’s high carbon ferrochrome, from scratch, and then to high-speed development, in this process, there is also the problem of extensive development, which only emphasizes quantity but not quality. Can high carbon ferrochrome also walk on the road of green development? Let’s welcome Mr. Qiu Zhichao, Deputy Manager from Mintal Group Chrome Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. makes a speech– Reflection and Prospect of China’s High Carbon Ferrochrome Market

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