Evolve Mining: designing effective new mining concepts

Date: Dec 7, 2018

African Mining & Crushing has been helping to develop mining solutions all over Africa, from Sierra Leone to South Africa for 10 years.

Many of the solutions are considered unconventional but in practice have proved to be very effective for the clients from two perspectives: an initial investment perspective as well as the ability to run the operation at a guaranteed lower cost per tonne.

MD Trevor Garden speaks to Sascha Solomons.

“It was through developing these unconventional and lower, sustainable, cost per tonne solutions and then running them at a cost per tonne as AMC that the idea developed to start a new company,” starts Garden.

As a result Evolve Mining was established to market and deliver a concept which as its name suggests will help see the African mining sector evolve into a position of long-term sustainability and greater profitability.

The commodities that Evolve Mining and AMC are involved in vary from manganese, copper, gold, coal and lime, to construction aggregates.

The tph ranges from 2 tonnes per hour to 3 500 tph.

So far Evolve Mining has been involved in: exploration, mine design, design of crushing and screening circuits, mineral processing; optimisation and upgrading of current processes for improvement at a cost per tonne.

Many of these designs involve innovation in the mine design to incorporate in pit crushing, surface mining and in pit conveying to dramatically reduce risk, improve safety and reduce the cost per tonne of operating.

These innovations have knock-on benefits that flow into the crushing and screening circuits and the mineral processing circuits.

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