European FeV prices gained, narrowing the gap to Chines domestic market

Date: Nov 8, 2018 On November 7, European ferrovanadium prices continued to rise to 120(↑3)-125(↑5)$/kg V, equivalent to Chinese FeV50 at 415000(↑12000)-422300(↑8900) rmb/ton; and European vanadium pentoxide prices stabilized at 26.5-27.5 $/lb V2O5, equivalent to Chinese V2O5 98% flake at 396000-411000 rmb/ton; American ferrovanadium prices also remained unchanged at 54-55.5 $/lb V. After all, the trading activity picked up. However, international vanadium prices are still lower than Chinese domestic market prices. European vanadium market saw increased consumer acticity and liquidity and the prices were closing to Chinese domestic market. American vanadium prices held firm though the spot market was inactive.

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