Eskom: No Power Cuts in SA, For Now, After Cyclone Kenneth

Cyclone Kenneth hit Mozambique this week, destroying everything in its path accompanied by winds of up to 160km per hour. At least person has been killed. This comes as our neighbours were just picking the pieces from the cyclone Idai which hit them about a month ago.

Idai claimed close to 800 lives, destroyed roads and buildings, caused major flooding and caused power cuts for South Africa when transmission lines were destroyed.

Eskom’s Khulu Phasiwe says SA generates its own power but we also purchase a significant amount to supplement from neighbouring Mozambique.

Phasiwe says for now the supply lines appear unaffected, but says it is still early days.

“We have not seen any impact yet, but it is still early days, so we will be monitoring the situation”, he said.

“We are hopeful we will not see the disruptions we did from the first storm. However, cyclone Idai, was a tropical and much larger storm compared to Kenneth”, Phasiwe said.