Electric Royalties Announces DTC Eligibility Of Its Common Shares

Electric Royalties Ltd. (TSXV:ELEC)(OTCQB: ELECF) (“Electric Royalties” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its common shares (the “Common Shares”) are now eligible for electronic clearing and settlement through the Depository Trust Company (“DTC”).
DTC is a subsidiary of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC), a United States company that manages the electronic clearing and settlement of publicly traded companies in the United States. Securities that are eligible to be electronically cleared and settled through DTC are considered to be “DTC eligible.”
DTC eligibility is expected to simplify the process of trading and transferring the Common Shares and to enhance the liquidity of the Common Shares in the United States because of the accelerated settlement period and the expected reduction in costs for investors and brokers, enabling the stock to be traded over a much wider selection of brokerage firms.
About Electric Royalties Ltd.
Electric Royalties is a royalty company established to take advantage of the demand for a wide range of commodities (lithium, vanadium, manganese, tin, graphite, cobalt, nickel, zinc & copper) that will benefit from the drive toward electrification of a variety of consumer products: cars, rechargeable batteries, large scale energy storage, renewable energy generation and other applications.
Electric vehicle sales, battery production capacity and renewable energy generation are slated to increase significantly over the next several years and with it, the demand for these targeted commodities. This creates a unique opportunity to invest in and acquire royalties over the mines and projects that will supply the materials needed to feed the electric revolution.
Electric Royalties has a growing portfolio of 17 royalties, including one royalty that currently generates revenue, with an additional royalty acquisition in progress. The Company is focused predominantly on acquiring royalties on advanced stage and operating projects to build a diversified portfolio located in jurisdictions with low geopolitical risk, which offers investors exposure to the clean energy transition via the underlying commodities required to rebuild the global infrastructure over the next several decades towards a decarbonized global economy.