Effective supply chains give mines a competitive advantage

Date: Mar 28, 2018

Effective procurement and supply chains can be a key competitive advantage for mining businesses operating in Africa, CGC Consulting Services CEO Clive Govender said at the Cross-Border Mining Services Indaba, in Johannesburg, on Tuesday.

“A good supply chain is key for reducing poverty, unemployment and inequality . . . if it is handled properly,” he said.

He expects rapid change to occur in the mining industry over the next ten years, on the back of declining orebodies and decreasing availability of ‘tier one’ assets. To thrive amid this volatility, he stated, companies will have to reconsider how to drive efficiency and effectiveness in the mining sector.

Govender suggested that the mining industry should radically shift to a new way of working, which includes taking advantage of supply chains, to ensure efficiencies.

“[The industry] needs to look at how it can capitalise on the ‘new dawn’ that mining is seeing in Zimbabwe and South Africa, especially looking at mining services and supply chain procurement and management in Africa,” he stated.

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