Eclipse Metals Completes Successful Greenland Site Visit With Drilling Planned

Eclipse Metals Ltd (ASX:EPM) executive chairman Carl Popal recently attended the Future Greenland 2022 conference and while in Greenland made a site visit to the company’s multi-commodity project.
The visit to Ivittuut and Grønnedal-Ika was designed to assess site conditions ahead of the 2022 field season which is planned to include a drilling program on the Grønnedal-Ika carbonatite REE prospect.
Eclipse is focused on exploring south-western Greenland, the Northern Territory and Queensland for multi commodity mineralisation and has an impressive portfolio of assets prospective for cryolite, fluorite, siderite, quartz, REE, gold, platinum group metals, manganese, palladium, vanadium and uranium mineralisation.
Assessing Greenland
This assessment of ground conditions in Greenland will help Eclipse plan access and drill hole location.
To facilitate this, Eclipse has engaged a Greenland-based drilling contractor to undertake the proposed drilling which is awaiting approval to proceed following an application to Greenland’s Mineral Resources Authority last month.
“We took the drillers on-site and discussed the mobilisation of appropriate equipment, with the drilling team potentially able to mobilise in July 2022. We were also able to locate several historical drill collars which will assist in planning the company’s drilling program,” Popal said.
The company received a positive response to proposals for its Ivittuut project, following the chair’s attendance at the Future Greenland 2022 Conference, with Popal especially encouraged by Greenland’s enthusiasm for this and other mining projects in the region.
Mining licence progress
Popal met with officials from Greenland’s Mineral Resources Authority and Environmental Agency for Mineral Resource Activities (EAMRA) to discuss requirements for a mining licence application for Ivittuut.
Meetings were said to be positive and will help Eclipse work more closely with government departments to move forward at Ivittuut, where a significant licensing issue is pit dewatering.
Various scenarios were discussed and information is being provided for planning dewatering procedures.
“The meeting regarding environmental requirements related to the mining licence and drainage of the pit in the licence area was productive,” Popal said.
“We have received some positive responses and are encouraged to work with environmental officers to develop the requirements to empty the pit. We will engage a specialist to assist with addressing these requirements to ensure dewatering is in line with best practice.”
Popal also visited a resident of Grønnedal who shared his memories of the historical mine site and expressed an interest in hearing from other local residents to gather a history of the site so Eclipse can play an active role in its preservation.
Eclipse has started a dialogue with the municipality of Sermersooq to establish where it can assist in the restoration of the Ivittuut mine museum.
Popal will now head to PDAC’s 90th Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada, on June 13-15, 2022, during a special ‘Greenland Day’ event, in collaboration with the Greenland Government.