Decisive Battle:Desheng Steel Group Co., Ltd. Opened The Curtain Of System Shutdown And Maintenance At 21:05 on November 15th, the No. 1 blast furnace of Desheng Steel Group Co., Ltd. entered the maintenance, marking the company entire system shutdown and maintenance has entered a decisive battle across the board, and the equipment upgrade and transformation, safety hazards, and environmental systems have begun simultaneously remediation.
To November 14, 21:15 pm, the 3 # blast furnace burden surface ended. 1 # blast furnace boiler stop safely at November 15, 21:05pm, the factory into the whole system maintenance. Since then the 42-day full system boiler stop officially kicked off.
November 15, 14:42 pm, as 2 # casting machine last a tail to rolling billet, all the steelmaking system stop to get into the maintenance work a full roll-out. A total of 373 maintenance projects, implementation of the new OG system reformation, step-down station relocation and other 10 technical interfaces Involving the participant units more than 10500 people, plant more than 300 employees to participate in the inspection system maintenance.
After a workshop in a rolling mill was safely shut down on October 13 and entered for maintenance, the second workshop officially stop furnace heating furnace into the overhaul at October 14, 23:30 pm. This overhaul is organized mainly on the medium-sized repair of the heating furnace in the first workshop and the large-scale repair of the heating furnace in the second workshop. At the same time, various kinds of infrastructure, environmental protection, factory environment and other input transformations and rectifications on the scene. It was to ensure the orderly progress of various tasks. There were 276 projects designed for this overhaul, and 11 units with more than 380 people participated in it. More than 400 employees from the sub-factories also participated in the overhaul work.
On November 15, dynamic power plant 50 MW generator and gas tank down in succession, the system maintenance and repair to be completed in earnest. A total of 169 maintenance projects, involving high, limited space, lifting, hot and other dangerous operations.
On November 15, the company all the war has begun production system maintenance, equipment department as the company equipment goods and, is the backup force in the system overhaul, various personnel on the travelling between five big factories and warehouse, but also repair, technical renovation, relocation, propulsive synchronous production, very busy.
Sintering plant overhauls the system, a total of 65 projects, from 15 November to December 20, 35 days, with ring cooler upgraded, sintering machine overhaul for bibcock, four workshops is neck and neck overhaul, a total of 31 partners into nearly 400 people. At the start of overhaul, the deployment of the ground, all at the same time pass of safety and quality, ensure the overhaul process is highly controlled. On November 15th morning factory sintering downtime with divers, 8:00 in the morning, with a loud noise and vibration, dismantled the ring for the first piece of important components of the cooler, marking the sintering plant overhaul the formal into combat. One of the important projects of ring cooler is upgraded, the demolition of the old rings cooler for is, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly water-sealed ring cooler take mount guard. According to the theory, according to the new ring cold machine production capacity is improved, energy consumption greatly reduced, this for sintering production is of milestone significance.
Since the company launched various technical renovation site leveling projects in a small scale in October, the logistics and transportation department has deployed various vehicles and machinery to assault related projects on the premise of ensuring stable production. The company’s system is shut down for maintenance. On average, about 35 vehicles of various types and more than 30 special equipments such as loaders will be transferred every day. , As a unit, evaluate the operation rate of vehicles and tools to ensure the smooth completion of the target. The vehicle repair team systematically maintains the out-of-service equipment to ensure that all vehicle machinery and equipment are successfully put into production for use after the overhaul is completed. During the entire system shutdown and maintenance period, the railway transportation still had scattered bulk raw materials and auxiliary materials arrived, a small amount of rebar was shipped and locomotives were responsible for the work in the Shawan station, but the amount of work was relatively reduced. Special training, practical drills and other methods of post-technical ship training, and conduct job skill examinations, will lay a solid foundation for the company’s efficient delivery of special lines after the resumption of production.