Chinese vanadium-nitrogen alloy prices show strong uptrend

Date: Jan 04, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 4 Jan 18 – The current supply of raw materials vanadium pentoxide flake in the Chinese market is scarce and vanadium enterprises hold strong intentions to support rising of prices, leading to general increase of prices for all series of vanadium products. In particular, mainstream transaction prices for vanadium-nitrogen alloy stand at RMB247,000-250,000/t (USD49,37-49.97/kg V) EXW D/P, up by RMB15,000/t (USD3.00/kg V) from last week.  Market participants generally hold optimistic attitudes towards the market outlook and expect that prices for Chinese vanadium-nitrogen alloy would show stronger uptrend in the coming week.

A producer in South China said, “Jiangsu Zenith Steel has announced the bidding results and they purchased 50t of vanadium-nitrogen alloy at RMB285,000/t (USD56.97/kg V) delivered D/A 6 months, bringing powerful support for uptrend of vanadium-nitrogen alloy prices in the spot market, and some vanadium-nitrogen alloy producers have risen their offers to this level, while actual transaction prices have not followed up.” They offer RMB270,000/t (USD53.97/kg V) EXW D/P for vanadium-nitrogen alloy now. The company last sold 30t of vanadium-nitrogen alloy at RMB250,000/t (USD49.97/kg V) EXW D/P early this week.

With an annual capacity of 1,200t for vanadium-nitrogen alloy, the producer produced 60t in December and expects to keep the amount unchanged in January, basing production on sales now and holding no stocks temporarily.

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