Chengde Xinxin Vanadium Titanium Flow Energy Storage Company Has An Annual Production Capacity Of 100MW/500MWh All-Vanadium Flow Battery

The No. 9 unit of Hebei Fengning Pumped-storage Power Station was officially put into operation to generate electricity, achieving “double operation in one month”, providing a strong guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the North China Power Grid; Hebei Jiantou Weichang Daxigou 100,000-kilowatt wind power distribution 2000Nm3/h hydrogen production project steadily Advancing… In recent years, Chengde has taken the clean energy industry as one of the “3+3” leading industries, fully relying on the advantages of clean energy resource enrichment, vigorously develops the clean energy industry, and promotes the development of “integration of wind, light and hydrogen storage”, and the scale of the industry continues to grow, the structure is improving day by day, and the strength is obviously improved. Up to now, the city’s total installed capacity of clean energy power has reached 9.5133 million kilowatts, and the power generation from January to September this year was 12.721 billion kilowatt-hours, accounting for 84.2% and 67.18% of the city’s total installed power capacity and total power generation, respectively.
Chengde is the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei water conservation functional zone personally positioned by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the birthplace of the Saihanba spirit. Energy is a “golden treasure”. Ni Yuefeng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, emphasized during the investigation that it is necessary to use a wider vision and a higher position to identify the point of strength, and strive for more industrial projects suitable for the development of Chengde to settle down. Our city has thoroughly implemented the decisions and deployments of the central government and the provincial and municipal committees. By asking for “green” energy, we will accelerate the development of the clean energy industry, develop wind power in an appropriate and orderly manner, actively develop photovoltaic power generation, continue to push forward nuclear power, and promote the “integration of wind, solar and hydrogen storage”. With a high degree of integration, clean energy projects are in full bloom, and the clean energy industry chain continues to expand.
The blue sky, white clouds, towering white wind leaves and the green grassland blend together. The once annoying “white-haired wind” on the dam has now become the “baby” of clean energy in our city. The city’s 70-meter-high annual average wind speed is between 5.5-9 meters per second, and the wind power density is 200-560 watts per square meter. At present, the total scale of grid-connected wind power has been built up to 5.382 million kilowatts, and the scale of wind power in the early stage of construction and promotion is 4.965 million kilowatts.
In Gangoumen Village, Guojiatun Town, Longhua County, bright photovoltaic panels are neatly arranged on the shelves, reflecting dazzling light in the sun. The photovoltaic industry of Gangoumen Village is just a microcosm of the development and utilization of photovoltaic power generation in our city. The city’s total solar radiation has averaged between 4,600 and 6,000 megajoules per square meter for many years, and the average annual sunshine hours is 2,753 hours (the actual utilization hours are about 1,400 hours). At present, in terms of photovoltaic power generation, the city has built a grid-connected photovoltaic scale of 2.5188 million kilowatts, and the scale of 6.03 million kilowatts is under construction and promotion.
The world’s largest installed capacity, the world’s largest energy storage capacity, the world’s largest underground factory building, and the world’s largest underground cavern group. Located in Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station has an annual designed power generation of 6.612 billion kWh , the annual pumping power is 8.716 billion kWh, and it is known as the world’s largest “super charging treasure”. The Sixth Plenary Session of the Fifteenth Municipal Party Committee proposed that it is necessary to grasp the construction of pumped storage power stations, which is the first breakthrough point of clean energy. Our city seizes the major opportunity of the state to support the construction of pumped storage power stations, accelerates the implementation of the pumped storage power station project, and strives to start the construction of the first phase of the Luanping pumped storage power station project of 1.2 million kilowatts before the end of November; The first and second phase of Longhua pumped storage project of 2.8 million kW will be started next year. Keep an eye on the 14 newly planned projects, promote them in special classes, pack them finely, strive to compete with each other, and strive for more projects to be included in the national medium and long-term development plan.
The development of the clean energy industry is booming, and the corresponding equipment manufacturing capacity is also rising. There are mainly 4 clean energy equipment manufacturing enterprises in the city. Among them, Jinfeng Electric Control in Longhua County has an annual production capacity of 1,200 megawatt-class engine rooms and impellers, and Fengning Yuanjing Energy has an annual output of 2,000 megawatt-class wind turbine mainframes, Te Bian Electric Apparatus in high-tech zone has an annual production capacity of 500 MW of photovoltaic inverters and 500 megawatts of photovoltaic reactive power compensators, and Shuangluan District Xinxin Vanadium Titanium Flow Energy Storage Company has an annual production capacity of 100MW/500MWh all-vanadium flow battery, 30,000 square meters of vanadium battery proton membrane, and 3,000 cubic meters of vanadium electrolyte.
Resources are advantages. For Chengde, a good ecological environment and rich natural resources are the “golden signs” of opening to the outside world, besides, it is attractive and competitive. In recent years, our city has successively compiled a number of industrial development plans and issued a series of effective policies and measures, which have strongly promoted the rapid development of the city’s clean energy industry, continue to practice, and blaze a trail of high-quality development powered by clean energy.
Facing the great opportunity of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, our city strives to seize the opportunity and win the initiative in the new round of energy reform and industrial restructuring. As an innovative demonstration area for the national sustainable development agenda, our city will explore the scientific path for the sustainable development of water conservation functional areas in urban agglomerations. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, we make every effort to promote the implementation of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” clean energy to take the lead in making breakthroughs. The strategy is to build a multi-dimensional and integrated clean energy modern industrial system on the basis of abundant clean energy resources and relying on advantageous backbone enterprises, and strive to build our city into a “green” energy terminal and a new energy demonstration city under the background of a new power system, to build “China’s Green Hydrogen Valley” and an important clean energy supply base in the capital Beijing.
Meet new opportunities and embrace new blue oceans. The growing clean energy industry is constantly transforming our city’s rich natural resources into an inexhaustible driving force for green development, helping our city to accelerate a new path of “ecological priority and green development”.