Cautious Purchase, Weak Transaction In Vanadium Market With the weak atmosphere surrounding the vanadium market, there are few purchase inquiries in the market, and the transaction is rare. The price has a slight downward trend. However, the closer the raw materials are to the price of large factories, the slower the decline is. The price of ferrovanadium is weak, but it is not easy to fall further. Due to the relatively large profit space, it is possible to sell bulk VN alloy at a discount in the short term.
Today, the mainstream quotation of V2O5 flake is still between 107,000 Yuan/ton and 108,000 Yuan/ton. While the downstream alloy manufacturers bid between 105,000 Yuan/ton and 106,000 Yuan/ton for purchase. The price difference of 1000-2000 Yuan/ton is difficult to match the transaction. It can be seen that the buyers are not in a hurry to purchase. Some suppliers are intended to trade at 106,000 Yuan/ton. The subsequent market is expected to decline slightly, with a small range.
Today, the bulk market of FeV is still active, among which there are many bulk shipments in Hebei, and the quotations are all at the low price of 106,000-107,000 Yuan/ton in cash. The quotations of manufacturers keep around 109,000 Yuan/ton in cash, but it is difficult to maintain such quotation due to less procurement. Yesterday, Nanjing Steel issued a bid winning announcement, and finalized the first batch of FeV bidding price of 109,950 Yuan/ton by acceptance with tax and bidding service fee on last Friday. Today, the 30 tons of FeV in the public bidding of Nanjing Steel will be opened in the afternoon.
Recently, the bulk price of VN alloy is about 165,000 Yuan/ton. Some purchasers claim to be able to source goods at a lower price. The market information is mixed, which disturbs the market mentality and is not conducive to market stability. The quotation of manufacturers  is kept at 166,000-167,000 Yuan/ton in cash. Today, 140 tons of VN alloy bidding of ZENITH will start quotation, and the bidding of Benxi steel is 30 tons. Nanjing Steel will set price in the afternoon. The market can refer to the bidding of steel plants as guidance.