Baichuan Vanadium resumes vanadium pentoxide

Date: Mar 29, 2019

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 29 Mar 19 – According to a source, Jiangxi Baichuan Vanadium Co., Ltd. resumed production of vanadium pentoxide this Thursday, its first day of operation after the Spring Festival holiday. The company mainly produces high-purity vanadium pentoxide powder products, such as vanadium powder 98.5%min, 99%min and 99.5%min, with monthly output up to 100t.

“We resumed production this Thursday, mainly producing high-purity vanadium pentoxide. The raw materials we need are ammonium polyvanadate and low-purity ammonium metavanadate, and if they are all used to produce vanadium pentoxide 98%min, our annual capacity will be 1,200t,” said the source. He added, “Our company underwent production debugging in 2018, and had only produced for 2 months in the year.

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