Australian Vanadium Ltd (AVLO.AX) Slips -46.67% Over Past Week

Date: Dec 17, 2018

Australian Vanadium Ltd (AVLO.AX) shares are showing positive momentum over the past week as the stock has clocked in with gains of -46.67%.  In taking a look at recent performance, we can see that shares have moved -57.89% over the past 4-weeks, -60.00% over the past half year and 33.33% over the past full year.

Active investors are constantly weighing risk and return when trading in the stock market. Every investor has to evaluate their risk appetite at some point. The amount of risk an investor is willing to take on can have a large impact on expected future returns. Some people may be much more comfortable with riskier investments than others. This can greatly vary from one person to the next. Once the individual investor is comfortable with the amount of money on the table, they should be able to spend their energies focused on finding a winning strategy. Finding a winning strategy may involve many different aspects of stock research. Following a plan may help investors plow through downturns in the markets, and being able to change the plan when things aren’t working can also be a help to longer-term portfolio health.

Australian Vanadium Ltd (AVLO.AX)’s Williams Percent Range or 14 day Williams %R is currently at -70.00. In general, if the reading goes above -20, the stock may be considered to be overbought. Alternately, if the indicator goes under -80, this may show the stock as being oversold. The Williams Percent Range or Williams %R is a technical indicator that was developed to measure overbought and oversold market conditions. The Williams %R indicator helps show the relative situation of the current price close to the period being observed.

A commonly used tool among technical stock analysts is the moving average. Moving averages are considered to be lagging indicators that simply take the average price of a stock over a certain period of time. Moving averages can be very helpful for identifying peaks and troughs. They may also be used to assist the trader figure out proper support and resistance levels for the stock. Currently, the 200-day MA for Australian Vanadium Ltd (AVLO.AX) is sitting at 0.02. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of stock price movements. The RSI was developed by J. Welles Wilder, and it oscillates between 0 and 100. Generally, the RSI is considered to be oversold when it falls below 30 and overbought when it heads above 70. RSI can be used to detect general trends as well as finding divergences and failure swings. The 14-day RSI is presently standing at 38.64, the 7-day is 39.49, and the 3-day is resting at 39.21.

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