Analysis On Vanadium Market On May 14 In terms of yesterday’s market performance, the raw material end is still in the state of waiting for rising, bulk shipments of alloy end are smooth, the traders sell with an acceptable profit space, since the price rises to the current stage, the traders are more cautious in re purchasing and stock up, the manufacturers arrange production based on the list of orders, the procurement from steel plants reduced, the market price increase  slowed down, but still maintain a strong trend, and there are still supports for price up.
1. Raw materials: large factories signed the orders, bulk goods waiting to go up
With the successful signing of Jianlong yesterday, at present, the three major V2O5 flakes manufacturers have basically signed out the quantities in May. According to some VN alloy factories, they failed to get the large factories’ V2O5 flakes. It can be seen that the cash price of 94,500 Yuan/ton is already the advantage price of V2O5 flakes, and the price of bulk V2O5 flakes is about to rise. According to the importer of V2O5 flakes, the inquiry of VN factories, including futures orders, all quoted to 95,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax. The transaction price of ammonium metavanadate is still around 94,000 yuan/ton, and the price of chemical grade V2O5 powder has not fluctuated greatly under the active situation of metallurgical industry.
2. FeV: stable transaction and upward quotation
Today, ferrovanadium market is still standing still. Most of the manufacturers offer 102,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax, indicating that the lowest acceptance price is 101,000 Yuan/ton, and the market transaction price is also stable between 100,000 Yuan/ton and 101,000 Yuan/ton. The quotation of the traders is basically the same as that of the manufacturers. There is no low price sold in the market, so at least it remains stable. Driven by the market situation of raw materials and VN alloy, ferrovanadium is expected to be able to keep stable. When steel plants bidding at the end of this month, and the demand for ferrovanadium will rise, the price may rise slightly.
3. VN alloy: maintain the upward trend
At present, the lowest transaction price of VN alloy is 146,500 Yuan/ton in cash with tax, and the manufacturer’s quotation is 148,000-150,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax. It is understood that although most of the manufacturers have already filled their orders, some of the manufacturers who did not sell when the previous market was upside down wait for the price to rise further before shipping. The bulk market quotation is slightly lower than that of the manufacturers, and the sale is positive. If the traders do not have a real order, now to purchase with 147,000 Yuan/ton for stocks up will be considered risky or unprofitable, and the market will be slightly stagnant in the middle of the month, but the manufacturer’s production and orders arrangement status will have greater influence on the market, and the upstream raw materials will be tight in the later period. The VN factories are worried about the rising price of raw materials, and will not accept the low price orders from the steel plants. According to a steel plant, recently, no alloy plant is willing to receive orders with the price of 150,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance with tax.
In terms of international market, the price of ferrovanadium in the European market is temporarily stable, the export quotation is strong, which also supports the European market, and the domestic and foreign markets are pulling each other, so there is no negative risk for the time being.
With the long-term production arrangement of alloy manufacturers, the supply of V2O5 flakes will become tense, and the vanadium market as a whole will move upward. The circulation of low-price bulk goods will only slow down the pace of price rise at present, and will not change the basic trend of price rise.