Analysis On Ferrovanadium Operating Rate And Output Statistics In August 2021 According to this website’s incomplete statistics of 34 ferrovanadium production companies, there were about 17 production companies in August with an operating rate of about 50%; the total output of ferrovanadium was about 3,935 tons, a decrease of 200 tons from the previous month; the stock of ferrovanadium was about 260 tons. An increase of 200 tons from the previous month. The recent bidding prices of ferrovanadium are mostly 133,000-135,000  CNY/Ton (by acceptance). Ferrovanadium manufacturers are reluctant to ship because of low recent transactions and high price of V2O5 flakes. However, the downstream is still reluctant to take orders for high prices. Both supply and demand sides are in a state of stalemate. (The output of ferrovanadium80 is uniformly converted to ferrovanadium50)

Product Operating rate Change MOM(%) Output(Ton) Change MOM(Ton)
ferrovanadium 55.90% ↓5.9% 3935 ↓200