Analysis on Ferrovanadium Operating Rate and Output in August In August, the vanadium market experienced a long period of price decline, which stopped and stabilized at the end of the month.  This process had an impact on the production enthusiasm of ferrovanadium manufacturers, especially for small ones. At the same time, the price of V2O5 flake is high and ferrovanadium are hard to be purchased at low prices.  In August, small plants have reduced production to varying degrees. The output of ferrovanadium in Panzhihua has increased by 180 tons and and that in HBIS has increased by 40 tons compared with the previous month, but the total output is still lower than that in July.

According to the incomplete statistics, there are about 18 enterprises in normal production in August, the operating rate of enterprises is about 48.6%, which is 8.2% lower than that of last month. The output is about 3,720 tons, which is 125 tons less than that of last month.

ProductOperating rate(%)Change(%)Output(Ton)Change(Ton)