Analysis Of Import And Export Data Of Vanadium And Niobium In July 2021 According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, the import situation of niobium and vanadium products in July 2021 is as follows: vanadium pentoxide is about 80.003 tons, which is the same month-on-month; ferrovanadium (converted to 50 ferrovanadium) is 184 tons, an increase of 206.7% month-on-month; ferroniobium was 3,428.017 tons, a decrease of 10.1% month-on-month.

The export situation of vanadium products in July: about 189.005 tons of vanadium pentoxide, a decrease of 15.6% from the previous month; 681.1 tons of ferrovanadium (equivalent to 50 ferrovanadium), an increase of 37.1% from the previous month.
The import volume of ferroniobium decreased this month, and some small import companies said that the import transportation was congested, and the volume was slightly reduced; but large suppliers such as CITIC did not have relevant feedback for the time being; the price of ferroniobium increased slightly this month, in the face of high prices, some domestic demand reception is weak. The import and export situation of domestic vanadium products has increased and decreased. The export volume of ferrovanadium80 has increased significantly, an increase of about 124 tons compared with the previous month, an increase of about 41.61%.
July Export (ton) Import (ton)
V2O5 189.005 80.003
50ferrovanadium 5.9 120
80ferrovanadium 422 40
ferroniobium 3428.017