Why Is The High-Energy Vanadium-Titanium Industry Still A Green And Low-Carbon Advantageous Industry?

Recently, Sichuan Online reporter walked into a number of vanadium and titanium enterprises in Panxi area and learned that the energy consumption of vanadium and titanium smelting and related production links is relatively high.
Under the background of “double carbon”, why should we vigorously develop the vanadium and titanium industry?
With questions, the Sichuan Online reporter talked to Zhang Bangxu, a special researcher of the Provincial Government Counselor’s Office, a senior consultant of the Provincial Vanadium Titanium Iron and Steel Industry Association, and Chen Yong, General Manager of the Science and Technology Innovation Department of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group.
Sichuan Online: How do you view the prospect of comprehensive development and utilization of vanadium and titanium resources?
Zhang Bangxu: Very optimistic. First, it is required by the national strategy. Vanadium and titanium are national strategic resources, which are related to the protection and security of national strategic resources. The United States, Japan, Russia and other countries have listed titanium and titanium alloys as important strategic metals, invested a lot of human and financial resources to develop the titanium processing industry, and formed a complete Titanium industrial system. Second, it is the need of the times. Vanadium is widely used in new energy storage products, and titanium metal is also widely used in aerospace, marine exploration, high temperature materials and other fields. Finally, the vanadium and titanium industry faces new strategic opportunities. From the vanadium industry, the energy storage industry is developing rapidly, and vanadium batteries have broad prospects. From the perspective of titanium industry, my country has become the world’s largest titanium producer and largest titanium consumer. There are many kinds of “titanium” in the field of military industry, medical field, large civilian products and small civilian product, especially titanium is non-toxic, lightweight the advantages of titanium civilian products market are getting bigger and bigger.
Sichuan Online: How do you view the high energy load characteristics of the vanadium and titanium industry?
Zhang Bangxu: Although the development of vanadium and titanium resources seems to be a high-capacity project on the surface, it has strong green and low-carbon advantages in terms of the ratio of output value to energy consumption and the entire industry chain. From the ratio of industrial comprehensive energy consumption to total output value, although the energy consumption is large, the output value is also large, and the output value is far greater than the energy consumption. Moreover, adding vanadium to steel for micro-alloying can change the properties of the steel and save 15% to 20% of the consumption of steel bars. Carbon dioxide per ton of steel emissions), it can save energy by more than 110 million tons of standard coal per year, and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 370 million tons per year.
Chen Yong: Panzhihua Iron and Steel mainly relies on the comprehensive utilization of Panxi vanadium and titanium resources for construction and development. The resource endowment of vanadium titanomagnetite determines that the ore mining and smelting is higher than that of ordinary iron ore. However, through comprehensive utilization of resources, we select titanium to extract vanadium, and have become a world-famous vanadium-titanium new material manufacturing base. Its comprehensive energy consumption is not high, but rather low.
Sichuan Online: What difficulties need to be overcome in the development and utilization of vanadium and titanium resources?
Zhang Bangxu: First of all, vanadium titanomagnetite, as a super-large multi-element symbiotic ore, has a large space for comprehensive utilization, and the local resource conversion rate, deep processing rate and high-end application rate need to be improved. Secondly, the metallogenic conditions of vanadium-titanium magnetite are special, and there are few technologies that can be used for reference at home and abroad. Basic research and key technology research and development are difficult and expensive, and some key core technologies need to be broken through neck” technical problem. It is recommended to further build the world’s advanced industrial clusters and promote the cluster development of comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources.
Chen Yong: The complete set of technology and equipment technology for the industrialization project of titanium extraction from blast furnace slag has been formed. At present, the problem of large-scale resource utilization of titanium extraction tailings needs to be solved urgently. Although Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has carried out a lot of technical research in this area and achieved obvious results, there is still a long way to go to solve the problem completely. In the future, after the realization of the industrialization goal of titanium extraction from blast furnace slag, the comprehensive utilization level of vanadium-titanium magnetite will reach a new level, the utilization rate of titanium will increase from 29% to 60%, and the utilization rate of vanadium will increase from 42% to 60%. %, which will completely break the blockade of related technologies by developed countries and change the competitive landscape of the global titanium industry.