Vanadium weekly review (November 12-16, 2018): Vandium prices are reduced slightly on low trading activity

Date: Nov 16, 2018 This week, vanadium market continues the downtrend. There are few transactions in the market. The prices of vanadium pentoxide flake are relatively firm, lowering slightly by 10000 rmb/ton to 490000-500000 rmb/ton by cash. Ammonium metavanadate is trading in a range of 330000-350000 rmb/ton without tax, and some middlemen lower the price to 370000-380000 rmb/ton, which most buyers can’t accept. Most transactions of ferrovanadium are made between steel mills and the manufacturers, and the prices mainly stand in a range of 460000-480000 rmb/ton by acceptance with tax. Vanadium-nitrogen bidding prices decrease slightly to 750000-770000 rmb/ton by acceptance with tax.

Steel mills’ bidding prices for November

Company Product Price(RMB/TON) QTY(TON) Basis
Laiwu Steel Vanadium-nitrogen 788000 180 Acceptance, tax inclusive
Hebei Jinye Vanadium-nitrogen 760000 20 Acceptance, tax inclusive
Xinyang Iron&Steel Vanadium-nitrogen 760000 20 Acceptance, tax inclusive
Jin Gang Vanadium-nitrogen 750000 20 Acceptance, tax inclusive
NXSG Vanadium-nitrogen 750000 30 Acceptance, tax inclusive
Wuhu Xinxing Pipes Vanadium-nitrogen 760000 10 Acceptance, tax inclusive
Anyang Yongxing Vanadium-nitrogen 745000 10 Acceptance, tax inclusive
BX Steel Vanadium-nitrogen 775000 40 Acceptance, tax inclusive

China vanadium market overview

China ammonium metavanadate market

Ammonium metavanadate prices continue to drop slightly and now is trading at 330000-350000 rmb/ton without tax, while the offering prices sit in a range of 420000-430000 rmb/ton with tax. The middlemen quote 360000-370000 rmb/ton, but there is yet any deal at this price. Hunan Chuanda has been in production suspension since last week and is anticipated to resume production at the end of this month. Hunan and Hubei regions are impacted by environmental inspections. Thus, ammonium metavandate output may be decreased this month.

China vanadium pentoxide market

This week, the prices of V2O5 flake are relatively firm. The large-scale companies hold firm to their offers at 510000 rmb/ton by cash or 510000 rmb/ton by acceptance. Liaoning Hongjing sold at 490000 rmb/ton by cash with tax and Zhejiang Yudian sold at 500000 rmb/ton by acceptance with tax. The prices of V2O5 flake decrease by 10000 rmb/ton. Vanadium pentoxide powder offers also drop to 440000-450000 rmb/ton by cash

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