Vanadium weekly review (December 17-21, 2018): Vanadium market has been in standoff

Date: Dec 21, 2018 Though the large-scale factories quote V205 flake at 250000 rmb/ton, while the transaction prices sit mainly in a range of 200000-220000 rmb/ton by cash. Some vanadium-nitrogen manufacturers purchase from Jianlong at the price of 215000 rmb/ton by acceptance and quote vanadium-nitrogen at 370000 rmb/ton, underpinning the whole vanadium market. However, few buyers are interested. Now vanadium-nitrogen is trading mostly in a range of 320000-350000 rmb/ton. More steel mills want to purchase vanadium materials but the bidding prices are in downtrend. The whole vanadium market is deadlocked this week and market participants are awaiting the bidding prices at the end of month.

Steel mills’ bidding prices for December

Shandong-based steel millVanadium-nitrogen509000150Acceptance, tax inclusive
ShaangangVanadium-nitrogen55000030Acceptance, tax inclusive
SISGVanadium-nitrogen430000100Cash, tax inclusive
Xinxing PipesVanadium-nitrogen42000010Acceptance, tax inclusive
BX SteelVanadium-nitrogen39780030Acceptance, tax inclusive
KISCVanadium-nitrogen32200010Cash, tax inclusive
Anyang YongxingVanadium-nitrogen29500015Acceptance, tax inclusive
Anyang YongxingVanadium-nitrogen29800020Acceptance, tax inclusive
XISCVanadium-nitrogen31400010Acceptance, tax inclusive
Jiangsu YongxingFerrovanadium22800010Acceptance, tax inclusive
NISCOFerrovanadium21050060Acceptance, tax inclusive

China vanadium market overview

China ammonium metavanadate market

Ammonium metavanadate prices fall slower than last week. The prices in Chongyang region are 150000-160000 rmb/ton without tax and 180000-190000 rmb/ton with tax. The transaction has been thin.

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