Vanadium Prices Are In Deadlocked And Steel Mills Firmly Believe The Trend Will Be Stable Last week, the tax-inclusive order price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy was CNY 194,000-195,000/t by cash, and most orders have been arranged to the end of the month. Some manufacturers quote a small amount of vanadium-nitrogen stocks of CNY 200,000/t by cash, with no transaction. Since this week, the bulk price of V2O5 flake has increased slightly from CNY 127,000-128,000/t to CNY 129,000-130,000/t by cash. Sellers are reluctant to lower their prices. Manufacturers are under pressure and reluctant to purchase. So, both sides are in a stalemate.

From the data of steel bidding since September, the terminal demand is still weak. manufacturers and traders have a certain inventory, and vanadium products are sufficient. The price of V2O5 flake in three large factories has a certain supporting effect on the price of vanadium. Since September, the price of vanadium has remained stable. It is expected that the steel mills will purchase more next week, and steel mills firmly believe the vanadium price trend will be stable.