Vanadium-nitrogen Alloy Profit Statistics From 10 To 14 April 2023 This week, vanadium-nitrogen alloy bidding price continued to be under pressure, and the overall price fell more than last week; the mainstream transaction in the market fell to 179,000-181,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance with tax), about 14,500 CNY/Ton lower than last week. Recently, the transaction of vanadium-nitrogen alloys has continued to drop, and the enthusiasm of manufacturers for production and quotation is low. Under the weak market, traders also hold a wait-and-see attitude, and there are a few transactions in the retail market.

Date VN Price Change VN Cost VN Profit Unit
10-Apr 191,500 ↓1,000 191,100 400 CNY/Ton
11-Apr 187,500 ↓4,000 186,800 700 CNY/Ton
12-Apr 186,500 ↓1,000 186,800 -300 CNY/Ton
13-Apr 181,000 ↓5,500 182,500 -1,500 CNY/Ton
14-Apr 178,000 ↓3,000 179,700 -1,700 CNY/Ton

Downstream transactions continued to decline and retail V2O5 flake transactions were sluggish, holders successively offered prices to around 119,000-120,000 CNY/Ton in cash, but vanadium nitrogen alloys fell faster, and the production of raw materials at the current price would also face upside down. There were not many transactions this week. The production pressure of vanadium-nitrogen alloys has doubled. Recently, manufacturers in Hubei, Shaanxi, Fujian, Hebei and other places have stopped production for heat preservation, and manufacturers have low willingness to produce. (The data in this article are only theoretical values. For the actual situation, please focus on real transactions. The reference price of V2O5 flake is mainly in the retail market, and the V2O5 flake price of major manufacturers is not included in the calculation).