Vanadium Market Is Looking Forward To Steel Plant Bidding, And The Overall Situation Continues To Be Weak Recently, Laiwu Steel’s bid for 200 tons of VN alloy will be closed. The market will wait and see its pricing results. The procurement before the festival is not as good as expected, and the industry is still not optimistic about the future market. Recently, the spot market transaction is low, and the price is still slightly weak. Although the price of raw materials is stable, the procurement of alloy factory is limited, and the market is quiet before the festival. This state will continue in the short term.

Most of the V2O5 flake suppliers are reluctant to reduce price for shipment, but the quotation is raised to about 95000 yuan / ton, which is still difficult to deal with. Alloy manufacturers say that the pre-saving stock preparation is basically completed, so the risk of increasing the quantity of inventories to tighten the bulk market is too large. Most manufacturers are rational to purchase based on the demand, and the current trading price of V2O5 flake in the market is still at 94500 yuan / ton by cash. The ferrovanadium market continues to be in a downturn. The transaction price of FeV50 in the spot market is no more than 100000 yuan / ton by cash, and there are few purchasing inquiries. The price of manufacturers who directly supply to steel plants is about 100000-101000 yuan / ton by acceptance. VN alloy manufacturers currently offer at 147000 yuan / ton by cash, and some spot transaction prices are still falling, but the overall volume of trading is not large. Most manufacturers still wait and see the market after the bidding information of Laiwu Steel, but it is expected that the bidding price of Laiwu Steel is still difficult to support the market.