Vanadium Enterprises Are Reluctant To Sell At Low Prices,And Suspend Offer Prices Temporarily The recent increase in the price of rebar, coupled with relatively low vanadium prices, some steel mills increased purchases, and traders’ intention to stock up goods increased, increased domestic vanadium market inquiries and purchases, and V2O5 flakes are expected to rise. Uncertainty has prompted alloy manufacturers to gradually reduce their intention to quote prices. Today, most vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers have closed their orders and will not offer prices temporarily.

Some alloy factories purchase V2O5 flake based on rigid demand, but retail V2O5 flake has few quotations and is hard to find. Market news is rather chaotic. It is obvious that low prices are hard to find, manufacturers can only stop and watch. As vanadium-nitrogen alloy bidding prices increase, and some vanadium companies are bullish on the market outlook, V2O5 flake cash purchase intention of 96,000-97,000 CNY/Ton have increased.