The Trading of Vanadium Market is Cold and Moving Forward With Small Fluctuations The steel bidding comes a week before, the market takes wait-and-see stance, and vanadium product market prices fluctuate narrowly in a small number of transactions. Currently, the transaction price of ammonium metavanadate is relatively stable and there is no weakness. The tax-inclusive price is still between CNY 16,000-165,000/t, and the transaction price without tax is about CNY 142,000-145,000/t. The transaction price of vanadium pentoxide flake is mainly at CNY 165,000-168,000/t. Occasionally, vanadium-nitrogen plant can purchase goods at CNY 164,000/t. The price of ferrovanadium is slightly weak, low at CNY 172,000/t, high price does not exceed CNY 178,000/t. Some traders are not optimistic about the future of vanadium-nitrogen alloy market, the price is still at CNY 250,000/t.

At present, the market mentality is polarized towards the future market, and most of the upstream raw material factories is optimistic, believing that there is still space to increase the vanadium price, while the downstream vanadium alloy factories are not optimistic enough about the future market under the pressure of raw materials and steel mills, believing that the price of raw material price may be reduced. Now, ferrovanadium, vanadium alloy factories are more confused, looking forward to a new round of steel bidding to guide the market.