The Price Of Ferrovanadium In Europe Fell By About 6.7% From The Previous Month The price of ferrovanadium in Europe continued to fall at night yesterday. On April 5, the price of ferrovanadium in Europe was 37.3 (down 0.2)-39.01 (down 0.5) USD/Kg V, equivalent to the price of ferrovanadium50 about 128,200-134,400 CNY/Ton; European vanadium pentoxide was 10-10.26 USD/Lb, equivalent to vanadium pentoxide98% about 148,500-152,300 CNY/Ton; U.S. ferrovanadium was 19.5-20 USD/Lb V, equivalent to the price of ferrovanadium50 about 147,700-151,500 CNY/Ton.

In the case of oversupply in Europe, the recent transaction of ferrovanadium has been falling continuously; compared with the same period of last month on March 3, it was 40.25-41.51 USD/Kg V, which has dropped by 2.725 USD/Kg V, a drop of about 6.7%. Most domestic export enterprises reported that orders from Europe and Southeast Asia are few and foreign orders inquiries are heavily decreased. In addition, the mainstream transaction guide price in Europe has fallen to a low level and exports will be upside down. Most export enterprises report that they will mainly wait and see the market for the time being, and the overall export willingness is low.