The Overall Vanadium Market Is Stable With Continue Rising Price Of Vn Alloy to the firm and effective price support jointly organized by the VN alloy manufacturers, the steel mills are difficult to negotiate in this round of steel bidding, and the VN alloy market quotation is high, becoming the only rising price product in the vanadium market. The raw material end market continued last week’s situation, the price was stable and the market was light. This week, the steel bidding is continuing, and it is expected that the firm price of alloy plants will not change. The vanadium market this week as a whole is stable, and some products are mainly strong.

At present, the actual transaction volume of V2O5 flake in bulk market is still 105500-105500 Yuan / ton, and it is not easy for the owner to sell at 106000 Yuan / ton. Although the quotation of downstream VN alloy manufacturers has increased, there are still profits remain at the price of 106000 Yuan / ton. The actual supply volume of V2O5 flake in the market remains normal. Although the bulk cargo volume is small, it is relatively easy to inquire. Therefore, it is not easy to increase the price of V2O5 flake. Although the price of VN alloy raised, the manufacturers cannot guarantee the sustainability of the price increase. Therefore, traders are more cautious to purchase V2O5 flake. On the other hand, many ferrovanadium manufacturers have recently stopped production, thus reducing part of V2O5 flake consumption.

There are ferrovanadium plants shutdown phenomenon in Jiangxi, Jinzhou and Henan. Manufacturers said that the downstream purchase price is too low, which causes adverse competition in bulk market, difficult for manufacturers to survive and halt production increased. At present, the price quoted by the manufacturers with spot goods still remains 105000-106000 Yuan / ton by cash, which is higher than that in the bulk market. But it cannot afford to lose money. The transaction volume of bulk cargo market is 103000-103500 Yuan / ton, and some traders quote 104000 Yuan / ton, which is still difficult to make a deal. It is expected that the next ferrovanadium market will rely on halting production to balance the short-term oversupply of the market.

The mainstream bidding price of VN alloy manufacturers is about 167000 Yuan / ton by acceptance. Although some steel mills have received a slightly lower quotation from traders, it does not affect the manufacturers to keep firm price. At the beginning of this week, the quotations of VN alloy manufacturers focused on 165000 Yuan / ton by cash, or 168000 Yuan / ton by acceptance. There are few quotations at 164000 yuan/ton in the bulk market, while the buyers’ counteroffer is around 161000 yuan/ton. There are few transactions in the bulk market, and some of the actual transactions are about 163000 yuan / ton in cash.