The Operating Rate Of Ferrovanadium Decreased Due to the weak demand from steel mills, the recent transaction of ferrovanadium continued to be under pressure, and the bidding price was 127,000-129,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance); traders mainly shipped, and some retail holders gave the price to 123,000-124,000 CNY/Ton in cash to promote transactions.

There are few new orders in downstream, in the ferrovanadium market, the phenomenon of price but no market is relatively obvious, and the transaction atmosphere is relatively cold. Due to high production costs and weak demand, ferrovanadium manufacturers’ production enthusiasm is low. The phenomenon of production shutdown and reduction in Liaoning, the main production area, is more common. Most manufacturers said that they consume inventory or produce sporadically, and the overall operating rate of ferrovanadium decreases. At present, most ferrovanadium manufacturers do not offer quotations, saying that they will negotiate the price after confirming the order; they are also more cautious in purchasing raw materials, and the overall downturn continues to spread.