The New Generation Of Flow Battery Energy Storage Technology Was Selected As A Key Project Of The Ministry Of Science And Technology

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology solicited opinions on the 2022 project application guidelines for the key special project of the “14th Five-Year Plan” national key research and development plan “Energy Storage and Smart Grid Technology”.
The 2022 guidelines are planned to focus on medium and long-term scale energy storage technology, short-term high-frequency energy storage technology, ultra-long-term scale energy storage technology, high-proportion renewable energy active support technology, safe and efficient operation technology of super-large AC-DC hybrid power grid, there are 7 technical directions of multi-user supply and demand interactive electricity consumption and energy efficiency improvement technology, and basic support technology, and 26 guiding tasks have been launched.
It involves nine energy storage sub-tasks, including low-cost and long-life manganese-based energy storage lithium-ion batteries, organic energy storage batteries, water-based metal-ion energy storage batteries, 100-megawatt-hour sodium-ion battery energy storage technology, and high-power lithium-ion batteries. Battery energy storage technology, high-power dual-ion energy storage battery, 100MW advanced compressed air energy storage technology, new generation flow battery energy storage technology, wide liquid temperature range high temperature molten salt heat storage technology.