The Government In Panzhihua City Plans To Build A World-class Vanadium And Titanium Industrial Base By 2025

On May 8, Sichuan Province’s key industrialization project-Lomon Baililian Group’s 500,000-ton Panxi Titanium Concentrate Upgrade and Conversion Titanium Chloride Slag Innovation Project was officially put into operation, marking Panzhihua’s promotion of vanadium-titanium magnetite In-depth development and utilization have entered a new stage;
On June 2, the high-end titanium alloy melting and precision casting project of Gangcheng Group, which started construction in October last year, is undergoing equipment debugging in the standardized plant of Vanadium Titanium New City, and will soon be put into trial production;
On June 11, the 100,000-ton high-end vanadium-titanium wear-resistant material project of MELILIN located in Yanbian Vanadium and Titanium Industrial Development Zone entered the equipment installation stage, and the first production line was about to enter trial production.
These good news from the field of vanadium and titanium are also solid footprints left by our city on the road to the world’s vanadium and titanium capital. Panzhihua is thoroughly implementing the spirit of the Ninth Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, leading the high-quality development of the vanadium and titanium industry with innovation, and building a “vanadium-titanium core” to promote the development of the “three circles”.
It’s a long way to advance to the world’s vanadium and titanium capital, and we will start very early
In the 1970s, with Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group blowing out the first furnace of vanadium slag that met national standards, and Panzhihua Metallurgical Mining Company’s establishment of an annual production of 50,000 tons of titanium concentrate titanium beneficiation plant, Panzhihua’s vanadium and titanium industry development has already begun. It’s a long journey. In 2020, the total output value of the vanadium and titanium industry in our city was 31.115 billion yuan, an increase of 10.75% year-on-year. The proportion of the vanadium and titanium industry in the city’s total industrial output value increased by 11.9 percentage points from the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.
After half a century of development, our city has opened up a complete industrial chain of vanadium-titanium magnetite mining-vanadium-titanium deep processing. There are nearly 100 enterprises engaged in the production of titanium raw materials and titanium products in the city. The vanadium industry has gradually grown into the whole country and even global advantage industry.
As a city that is fully included in the Panxi National Strategic Resources Innovation and Development Pilot Zone, Panzhihua has lived up to the word “innovation”. Our city has created the country’s only vanadium-titanium high-tech industrial park, has a provincial-level vanadium-titanium manufacturing innovation center, and established a national standardization technical committee for the comprehensive utilization of vanadium-titanium magnetite. The comprehensive utilization rate of vanadium and titanium resources reached 44% and 29%, major technological breakthroughs have been made in aerospace-grade vanadium-aluminum alloy and high-power EB furnace.
To advance to the world’s vanadium and titanium capital is a bumpy road, and more efforts are needed.
A few days ago, Panyan Institute’s “method for preparing vanadium battery electrodes” was granted an invention patent in Japan. This is the first international patent in the field of vanadium batteries this year, marking a new breakthrough in Panzhihua’s independent innovation capabilities in the field of vanadium batteries.
The energy level of Panzhihua’s “aircraft carrier fleet” is constantly improving. Since the beginning of this year, Pangang Group has further promoted reform and development and technological innovation, and its operating income and net profit have reached the best levels in the same period in history.
The high-end titanium alloy fusion casting and precision casting project of Gangcheng Group was one of the key projects that the city started intensively in the fourth quarter of last year. Through cooperation with professional colleges and scientific research institutions, the project has obtained comprehensive technical support to produce titanium and titanium alloy ingots, castings and other products, mainly for aviation, navigation and other fields. After it is put into production, the annual output is expected to be 2,100 tons and annual operating income will be about 230 million yuan.
“Our early products are mainly titanium alloy ingots for civilian use and titanium alloy castings for chemical lubricants. The future development goal is to move towards high-end, such as titanium alloy ingots and titanium alloy castings in aerospace, medical and other fields.” Zhang Jing, general manager of Panzhihua Hangyou New Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company has already placed orders with related companies in Baoji and Luoyang.
On May 7 this year, Zhang Zhenghong, secretary of the municipal party committee, emphasized at the city’s special meeting on the development of vanadium and titanium industry that the development of the vanadium and titanium industry should be taken as an important starting point for implementing the “three new” requirements and building “three circles.” Formulate the “14th Five-Year Plan” for the development of vanadium and titanium industry, implement projects and inventory, strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the development of vanadium and titanium industry, and provide solid industrial support for the construction of a modern regional central city in southwestern Sichuan and northwestern Yunnan.
The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau introduced that the city will do a good job in extending, supplementing and strengthening the industrial chain, focusing on the linkage development of the “three circles” and the city’s “one district, multiple parks” and “one park, one master”. The development strategy of “industry”, develop regional economic cooperation with surrounding areas on vanadium and titanium industry, further highlight the position of the city’s vanadium and titanium industry regional center, promote the healthy development of industrial chain clusters, and strive to initially build a world-class vanadium and titanium industry base by 2025. The output value of the titanium industry exceeded 65 billion yuan.