StrategX Elements Corp. Begins Trading On The Canadian Securities Exchange

StrategX Elements Corp. (CSE: STGX) (“StrategX” or the “Company”), on the heels of receiving its final approval to list its common shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange (the “CSE”), the Company is pleased to announce that its shares are now trading under the symbol “STGX.”
The Company has 24,853,263 common shares issued and outstanding with 3,920,001 common shares held by directors and officers that are deposited in escrow pursuant to an escrow agreement date December 17, 2021.
StrategX has a portfolio of early-stage exploration properties in northern Canada that management believes have the potential for new discoveries of critical minerals. The principal commodities the Company is exploring for include cobalt, nickel, vanadium, and copper. The Company considers now is the best time to be going public to advance its portfolio and capitalize on market opportunities based on three major trends: (i) the continued global supply shortage of critical minerals to meet the demand in the green energy space especially due to ramped-up production of electric vehicles and development of other advanced technologies, (ii) the current supply of critical minerals monopolized and unethically sourced, requiring a shift on sourcing new supply in other jurisdictions, and (iii) minimal competition on the exploration discovery front.
Company highlights
Focused on discovery of cobalt and other critical minerals in northern Canada in under-explored regions considered mining friendly and would provide economic development and benefits to the local communities.
Technically driven management team composed of geoscientists with diverse exploration and capital market backgrounds who have worked together during the past several decades in start-up junior and major mining companies and have a track record of discoveries.
Large property portfolio of 100-per-cent-owned two regional plays generated during the past 3 years (Project 939 and Project EA South situated near the East Arm of the Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, and Project Mel on the Melville Peninsula). Board of directors: Paula Caldwell St-Onge (stakeholder relations/ESG), Ryan McEachern (advocacy/advanced technologies & innovation), and Darren Bahrey (company builder/discovery success).
Company exploration plans
StrategX plans to advance its Project 939 project to drill stage during 2022, with an initial focus on testing high-grade surface cobalt anomalies discovered by the Company.
Company grant of stock options
The Company also announces that pursuant to its stock option plan and in compliance with the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange, it the Company has granted incentive stock options to certain directors, officers, employees, and consultants of the Company to purchase up to an aggregate of 2,100,000 common shares of the Company. These options are exercisable for a period of five years at a price of $0.25 per share. All options will vest as to 10% on the date of grant, and a further 15% every three months thereafter.
About StrategX
StrategX, under the symbol “STGX”, is a new Canadian-based exploration company poised to be a significant contributor in the green energy sector and emerging low carbon economy. The Company is currently focused on discovery of cobalt and associated ‘green’ metals in northern Canada. The Company’s property portfolio includes two new regional plays: Project 939 & EA South situated near the shores of the East Arm of the Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, and Project M on the Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, located close to tidewater.