Shaanxi Huaqin Has Built Two Production Lines With An Annual Output Of 400Mw VRFB What if wind, photovoltaic and other new energy power generation is unstable?  VRFB, a “super battery” with vanadium as the storage medium, can solve the problem. . It stores the electricity generated by wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, and then smoothly outputs the electricity.
The battery is one of the products of “New Liquid Flow Battery R&D and Production and Multi-energy Integration and Complementary Project”, invested in construction and operated by Huaqin Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., located in Ankang High-tech Zone. There are two large tanks with different electrolytes and a container form a set of fluid flow batteries in the energy storage workshop . Inside the containers are stacks of electric stacks lined with diaphragms. The electrolyte passes through the film and produces ion exchange to store and release electrical energy. The bigger the tank, the more electricity it can store, acting as a mobile “Power Bank”.
Outside the workshop, the photovoltaic curtain wall installed on the building facade looks like a block of tiles, making the factory modern. The whole factory area constitutes an intelligent system, which realizes wind, light, storage, distribution, filling and complementing each other. “In case of power failure, the VRFB will start within 0.04 seconds, which can guarantee the power supply for the whole factory area for 4 hours.” Fu Hongtao, deputy general manager of the company, explained, “The ion exchange membrane in the middle of the battery is one of the core technologies of the battery. We are deeply aware of the importance of independent innovation, so as to increase the investment in science and technology. The ion exchange membrane we are now using is developed by us together with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Since the start of construction in 2018, the first phase of the project has formed two annual production capacity of 400MW liquid flow battery electric reactors and 40000m3 energy storage electrolyte, with the tax revenue of 4.27 million yuan per mu. Led by scientific and technological innovation, the ceiling which supports high benefit per mu a little becomes a vivid manifestation of the high-quality development of Ankang economy
“With vanadium as the active substance, VRFB has the characteristics of high safety performance, long service life and large power capacity.” Fu Hongtao, deputy general manager of Hua Qin Energy Storage Technology Co. LTD There is the “gathering area” of stone coal in the southern Shaanxi area. Through breakthroughs in key technologies, vanadium in stone mines has become extraordinary. “The related technologies we jointly developed with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences are internationally leading, and we own independent intellectual property rights.” Fu Hongtao said that in the future, the company will build “vanadium resources – vanadium new materials – liquid flow energy storage – technological innovation – application promotion” as one of the green cycle of vanadium industry chain pattern.
The development of energy storage technology based on VRFB is an important measure for Ankang to transform its resource advantages into development efficiency in combination with its own resource endowment. After the completion of the new liquid-flow battery r&d and production and multi-function integration and complementing project, it is expected to realize 4.27 million yuan of tax revenue per mu and 37 million yuan of output value per mu, driving about 300 people to work.