SD Lomon Plans To Bid For 49% Equity Of Chongqing Iron And Steel Group Mining

Sichuan Development Lomon Co., Ltd.(SD Lomon) announced on July 20 that it plans to obtain 49% equity of Chongqing Iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd. held by Chongqing Yufu Holding Group Co., Ltd. through public delisting, and indirectly obtain the rights and interests of Taihe Iron Mine’s vanadium titanium magnetite resources under Chongqing Iron and Steel Xichang Mining Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Chongqing Iron and Steel Group Mining. The listed reserve price of the transaction is RMB1,682 million (USD249 million).

Lithium Metal 99.9%min Delivered China

China lithium carbonate 99.5%mi producers’ output statistics by province by month
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